Viedtālruņa uzlādes USB kabelis (Micro USB)

Audio un komunikācija

Piemēroti modeļi: 981, 982, 991 I, 991 II, 992, Macan, Macan II, Cayenne E2 I, Cayenne E2 II, Cayenne E3, Panamera G1 I, Panamera G1 II, Panamera G2, Panamera G2 Sport Turismo

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26,30 €

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Produkta numurs: 970 044 901 51

Spiral cable with movable USB connector and angled Smartphone connection. For charging the Smartphone and for playing music (can be operated via steering wheel and PCM). Please note: Music can be played only with PCM 3.1 or higher (vehicles from 06/2011) With micro USB connection

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