Porsche bērnu sēdeklis plus G2 + G3


Piemēroti modeļi: 981, 982, 991 I, 991 II, 992, Macan, Macan II, Cayenne E2 I, Cayenne E2 II, Cayenne E3, Panamera G1 I, Panamera G1 II, Panamera G2, Panamera G2 Sport Turismo

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Produkta numurs: 955044805XX

For group 2 and group 3 children (about 4 to 12 years or 33 to 79 lbs, 15 to 36 kg). In unique Porsche design. With multiple height-adjustable headrest and ISOFIT. Note: For which vehicles or car seats the child seat is approved, please refer to the operating instructions of the child seat and the vehicle. In conjunction with rear comfort headrests, child seat use may be impaired. Use on the passenger seat for children up to 27 kg only in conjunction with the child seat preparation (order no. 3B9) available from the factory. When using a child seat on the passenger seat, deactivation of the passenger airbag is required for children up to 27 kg. ISOFIT is a safe, easy-to-use anchoring system for child seats, which provides a rigid connection between the body and the child seat.

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